Fractured Rogue Studios develops video games for the PC focused on fun and nostalgia. Since 2018, they are made up of a talented team of creators from all corners of the United States brought together for the joy of making games.


The Rogues

AKA 'Dastardly Decider'


Kassia lives in Kansas City where she rules Fractured Rogue Studios with an iron fist. She is a grab-bag of various skills from program management, to 2d and 3d art, to picking things apart to find the gems within. She sometimes dreams of being chased by tornadoes.

AKA 'Deus Ex Machina'


Dusty is Fractured Rogue's utility player based out of the frozen north of Wisconsin and fancying himself a modern day renaissance man, Dusty does everything asked of him and a few things not.

AKA 'Problem Child'


Zell is a medium-small sized human residing in the Tree-filed Portland-ish area informally known as Stumptown. When not working themself to death fulfilling side quests (and occasionally things that are main-story-related) they write music, make sound effects, and occasionally completely derail each and every formal meeting for Fractured Rogue Studios. They also write novels sometimes.

AKA 'Silent Badass'


Kelsey lives in Florida. She's the concept artist for Fractured Rogue Studios. She's also working on other projects in the game design field. Likes cosplay, video games, and hockey.

AKA 'Code-mned'


Christian is a programmer based out of Tennessee who is being held at Fractured Rogue Studios against his will. When he's not programming or being a general nuisance, he's upset because he should be working but is watching cat videos instead.
Caelus Trident
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